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Portrait Illustration & Character Design

Thank you for your interest in ordering an Illustration Commission.  Here you will find samples of commission work as well as information on the process.

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Currently, there are two Illustration commission types to choose from - Portrait Illustrations Character Design

Portrait Illustration


Order a custom-made portrait of anyone you'd like, including yourself, friends, family members, and even celebrities.


Commission Form


Take a look at this commission form for available options and pricing

Character Design


Bring your original character to life 

through full-body character rotations, facial expressions, and lineups.


Commission Forms




Take a look at these commission forms for available options and pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an illustration commission cost?

The price of the commission is different depending on a number of factors including, the difficulty and time the work will take. After the details of the commission have been discussed, a price will be determined. Please take a look at the commission PDF forms (linked above) for a breakdown of the costs.

How long does an illustration commission take?

The turnaround time of each project varies, depending on the details of the project as well as if there are other clients who have placed an order first. An estimate will be given at the time of your order placement. If the commission is a rush order, an additional cost determined at the start of the work, will ensure your order is completed within the given timeframe.

How do I pay for a commission?

All payments are to be made through PayPal in USD. A non-refundable 30% retainer fee is due upfront prior to the start of work. The remainder of the payment will be due upon completion.


Terms & Conditions


The acceptance of any given commission request is at the full discrepancy and disclosure of Rocco.  A request does not imply immediate approval.  Rocco holds the right to refuse work that does not fit his interests personally or for his business brand. Any work that is related to gang or gun violence, drug and alcohol use and abuse, overly-sexually explicit or non-equitable subject matter will be refused.  A commission request may also not receive approval based on the time-frame, difficulty of the project and/or any other reason not listed here.



The commission forms (linked above) provide a breakdown of how the illustration commissions are priced. The client is able to choose which options best fit their needs and budget. It is important to keep in mind that the total amount for the commission may differ from what is shown in the form, depending on a number of factors, including the details of the project, the time-frame allotted and/or any other factor that may alter the price.  The cost of the commission will be determined before the commission begins.

All payments are to be made through PayPal in USD. A non-refundable 30% retainer fee is due upfront prior to the start of work. The remainder of the payment will be due upon completion.



The primary form of communication between you and Rocco will be through email (In rare cases phone and/or video call may be necessary, but only at the consent of both parties; client and designer).

There are a few things that need to be in place before work commences on the project. The appropriate commission form with a breakdown of the commission details must be completed and emailed in order to write an invoice for the project.  A draft invoice will have all the necessary information with the initial price so that the client understands what is expected.  A contract outlining some important details of the project will also be sent to the client. Both parties (client and designer) must sign the contract before proceeding.

High-resolution reference photos of the subject matter are required to work from in order to draw the subject accurately. (Low-resolution photos will not be accepted.) The quality of information, details, and reference you are able to provide will ensure the commission turns out the way you envisioned it.  This includes details regarding document size specifications, typography, reference for the desired pose, etc.  If any of these details alter the price in any way the invoice will reflect that.


The designer will document the commission process through photos, which will be provided periodically via email either for clarification and/or update the client.

Rights of Use


The cost of usage rights for an illustration commission is dependent on the requirements and needs of the client. In most instances, the client purchases an illustration commission for personal use, which means no additional costs are required. 


However, in cases where the client intends on using the illustration for commercial purposes, a copyright agreement must be put into place.  There are three options available in this agreement, which include one-time rights, unlimited rights, and buy-out rights. The amount for each option differs, ranging respectively from the least to most expensive, and changes according to what the project entails.


You can read more about what each of these options entails in this copyright agreement.



Upon completion of the commission, a watermarked copy of the illustration will be sent via email for review. Any changes requested by the client at this stage will be regarded as modifications past completion.  The first modification past completion is of no charge.  Any modifications beyond that will cost an additional 10% to the total amount, which will be paid after completion. 


Once the work has been approved by the client, the remaining balance will be due.  A final invoice with the breakdown of the commission cost will be provided to you at that point.  Before the non-watermarked illustration can be sent, the remainder of the total amount as shown on the invoice must be paid. The rights of use are granted upon payment in full. 

The final illustration will then be delivered to you as a non-watermarked high-resolution digital file (jpg/png and/or pdf format) via email.  (The full layered Procreate or Photoshop file is not for purchase unless otherwise determined by the designer.) 


Rocco is committed to bringing your vision to reality and looks forward to the opportunity to work with you on your project and is confident that you will be satisfied.​​

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